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Jamie Bell
    #4 - Edmonton WAM!
Nationality: Canada
Birthdate: 1993-09-05
Home town: Lacombe, Alberta
Height: 5'5"
Position: Centre
Shoots: Left


For me Ringette has exceeded the boundaries of sport. It has become a part of my family and I's identity. The greatest lesson it has taught me is time management, especially when I was in school. You had to think ahead and designate nights or hours to study because you knew you had 3 games the next weekend. It has also taught me that it is possible to do it all- school, WAM!, volunteering, having a social life, and spending time with family. If it means a great deal to you, you'll find time for it.

My Dad and Mom are my greatest source of inspirations.

My Dad had a passion for Ringette that cannot be matched. I admired his diligence to always be a student of the game and his love for the sport and the girls. He would spend countless hours thinking of plays at work, making practice plans and watching game film. His passion gained respect from all the girls and fuelled WAM!'s success. His love for the game is a huge motivation for me on and off the ice.

My Mom is the rock in our family. Her get up and do it mentality in life is a huge quality I admire and is an important aspect in achieving success. She is a tough critic, only letting us know we had a good game when we actually deserved it, but still shows her unconditional support by attending almost every game ( even away games). Her work ethic is inspiring and is something I will always look up to.

My favorite ringette moment is The Carpool- meaning when we had the brilliant idea to all pitch in and buy a van, aka the WAM! Wagon, so we only have to take one vehicle to practices and games

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